Level System

Charmed: Age of Prophecy has an implemented level system for the Primary and Original Characters of the role-playing game. There are twelve levels in all, Level One being the novice stage and Level Twelve being the supreme stage, quite literally.

Level Ten is the level cap for magic aspiring creatures that become powerful but not omnipotent.
Level Eleven is a place reserved for demigods to reach, or a Level Ten to max at when on a power binge.
Level Twelve is reserved for characters who evolve into TRUE gods; immortal AND omnipotent. Any creature good or evil can possibly become a true god, as dark and light gods exist in our mythology.

The level system contains the following attributes:

Power Attributes
The Powers That Be will set clear boundaries and limitations on a character's individual powers. The power attributes scale is just to demonstrate the effective rate an ability will have on or against characters of varying levels and/or their powers.

Magic Attributes
The magic attributes regulate the success rate a character will have when casting spells, scrying, or using potions on, against, or for characters of varying levels.

Perception Attributes
Certain characters have the ability to read another's level or perceive if they are magical, demon, or mortal. Characters at a higher magical level are immune to being read by individuals at a lower level than their own.

· Demons and Warlocks can identify mortals, witches, gypsies, and Whitelighters by breed and level. They identify other good creatures by level alone. Demons and Warlocks identify any breed of evil by breed and level.
· Good Creatures may identify a creature by breed or level if they are given a specific ability to do so, otherwise they must rely on an outside magical source other than natural perception.
· Darklighters may identify only Whitelighters, Future Whitelighters, witches, and other Darklighters by breed and level. All other creatures good or evil are identified by level alone.
· Whitelighters may identify only their charges, Darklighters, Elders, and other Whitelighters by breed and level. All other creatures good or evil are identified by level alone.


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