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Character Death

Death is apart of life. Being that TFIO is grounded in emotional realism, we try our hardest to emmulate life. Therefore death is inevitable; original characters can and might die. Now, I know what you're all wondering ... You're all wondering if your character can die at a moment's notice; you're all wondering if you'll be banned from the board once your character has died; you're all wondering if your character can take the life of another.

The answers to those questions and others concerning death can be found below...

1. Players ARE NOT allowed to post either their character or another player's character as dying. Sure, there are extreme circumstances when death seems to be the only outcome; i.e Suicide and Mortal Wounds. However, THE POWERS THAT BE must confirm the outcome of such critial events.

2. Can your character be written off? Sadly, yes. There may or may not be cases where players do not abide by the rules and constantly disobey the Admin, CharlieP and John.
3. On the topic of NPC vampires and demons ... they're the ones to post themselves as exploding into dust, whether they've been staked through the heart or decapitated.

Daily Allowance

Every character, not including those non-player characters, has a daily allowance. Provided through their legal guardians, this allowance is bestowed upon characters every two consecutive weeks and is used to purchase EVERYTHING from books at the Magic Shop to clothes at April Fools; the use of money is left upto the player's disgression.

QUOTE (Daily Allowance Legend)
$20 dollars, cash money every two weeks.
$60 dollars, cash money every two weeks.
$80 dollars, cash money every two weeks.

Be warned that characters whom spend money in a loose manner and find themselves without a dime to spare will have to wait TWO CONSECUTIVE WEEKS before their allowance is renewed. There will be a confirmation posted by THE POWERS THAT BE stating that the said character is not allowed to make further purchases.

As in real life, however, behavior affects the amount of money recieved. The legal guardian of every character has the right to either add or subtract from the daily allowance of their child, according to their performance in Sunnydale High School; if Cordelia Chase were to skip class then her $80 dollar allowance would be temporarily cut in half.

QUOTE (Deducted Daily Allowance Legend)
$10 dollars, cash money every two weeks.
$30 dollars, cash money every two weeks.
$40 dollars, cash money every two weeks.

Fortunately, all characters hold the power to obtain money through the means of taking up an after school job; i.e Doublemeat Palace. Basically, the money earned during after school jobs serves as a secondary allowance.


Whoa, nelly. Who doesn't cringe at the thought of teen pregnancy? Though this isn't another volume of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, there are some hard facts that must be addressed in terms of pregnancy in the world of The Future Is Ours.

Sex, protected or no, can result in pregnancy. It's very simple. If a male and female decide to consumate their relationship, there's a strong possibility that they'll get pregnant. There have been hundreds of thousands of teenagers who've made the mistake of discounting child birth from 'the deed'; this is a fatal error on their parts.

In the case of those unfortunate couples who do become pregnant, THE POWERS THAT BE will give a confirmation post and the writer of the female character at hand is free to express the charming symtoms of pregnancy; i.e morning sickness, nausea, the whole shebang. In the case of those forunate couples who don't become pregnant, THE POWERS THAT BE won't give a post of confirmation.

Essentially, pregnancy is hard to tackle here in The Future Is Ours being that most of the action takes place at Sunnydale High School. If a student becomes pregnant, they're forced to leave and attend parenthood preperation classes at Sunnydale General. Whose jumping at the opportunity to play out that scenario? Exactly. It's likely that we'll never have neither natural nor mystical births here.

Talismans and Enchanted Weapons

The use of talismans and enchanted weapons is very simple. If your character happens to stumble upon a coveted talisman, then their spiritual energy will be boasted temporarily. However, THE POWERS THAT BE must post a confirmation post of such effects.

: Willow Rosenberg's spiritual energy has been boasted from 60 to 120 points.

Usually enchanted weapons can only be wielded by a certain species. These enchanted weapons have special properties and are used for a specific purpose. As with the the talismans, however, the Powers That be must post a confirmation post of such effects.

: Willow Rosenberg's spell to to convert all potential slayers in the globe to slayers through the use of the Scythe is successful.

Telephone Calls

So you want to make a phone call huh? Well there is a certain way one must go about this when making a call in TFIO. Here's a list of steps one must follow when making a telephone call of any genre; cellular or regular telephone. Post in the current thread that your character is in that your character is making a phone call and be sure to state the name of the person they are calling. Please post all of this information in bold text.

Ex: Xander picks up his phone and punches it a number calling Willow's Home Line.

Next go to THE TELEPHONE NETWORK forum and post in the appropriate thread (i.e. Willow's Home Line) in the following fashion.

Ex: Xander waits on the other end of the line for Willow to answer the phone.

Next you must wait for user PHONE LINE to post the following response.

Ex: Connecting you to Willow's Home Line...

After that has been done user PHONE LINEwill post letting the person you are calling know they have an incoming call in whatever thread the character has last posted (does not include Out of Character Threads/Journals).

Ex: Willow's Home phone rings, indicating that she has an incoming call.

IMPORTANT: NO ONE is to answer a phone call without user PHONE LINE posting to let them know they have an incoming call. Once user PHONE LINE has posted as indicated the incoming call as shown above, the member (in this case Willow) can post in THE TELEPHONE NETWORK forum in the appropriate thread answering the call.

The entire phone call conversation must take place in THE TELEPHONE NETWORK forum. Either party is free to end the call at any moment by posting something similar to below.

Ex: Xander hangs up the phone, ending the phone call.

User PHONE LINE will give a character three days in real time to answer a phone call. If they do not answer within the three day time frame user PHONE LINE will post this response.

Ex: No one is answering. Phone call ended.

If a character is already having a conversation on their phone, user PHONE LINE will post this response.

Ex: Willow's Home Line is busy... try again later. Phone call ended.

Once the phone call has ended you are free to return to the previous thread your character last posted in before making or receiving the phone call.

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