Sunnydale Hospitality
Character Guidelines

Age & Character Number Limit

Before writing up your character biography, keep the following two factors in serious consideration.


Original characters must be born between the dates of September 10, 1980 and September 10, 1981. This causes all characters to be either 17 or 18 (the age limit). It'd be illogical to have fifteen and sixteen years old in the Class of 1999, after all.


Members are allowed to have TWO characters. Either one main character and an original character or two original characters. The maximum amount of characters per player has been increased, because all players in this game have been handpicked and are therefore trusted tremendously.

However, the maximum amount of characters per player can drop to ONE for whatever reason. What's the use if players cannot keep up with the character load?

Jumping Locations

DO NOT jump entrances, hallways, elevators and staircases to reach a desired location. This is against the rules and destroys the purpose of teleportation powers. Your character, rushing or no, has to go through in-betweens like everyone else.

Traveling by foot

If your character is traveling by foot they must post in the respectable SIDEWALK thread in their current parent forum, for example the WAREHOUSE DISTRICT. It's through this SIDEWALK thread that your character can post as going off to different sub-forums; i.e THE BRONZE and SUNNYDALE MALL.

EX: Buffy meandors from the sidewalk, heading toward the entrance of Sunnydale Mall.

Traveling by car

If your character is traveling by car they must post in the STREETS thread contained within the forum. It's through that forum that all forums across te board - from the RESIDENTIAL AREA to the WOODS - can be accessed.

EX: Giles makes a sharp turn, steering his car into the parking lot of Sunnydale General.

Supernatural Knowledge

Oddly enough, there are players whom create their Original Characters as knowing everything. These imperfect, sometimes blonde and strapping, fictional characters have an impossible reserve of knowledge about the supernatural; they're heroes without having an ounce of in-game experience . These characters have been given the dreaded title of Mary Sue. Don't get it twisted ... BEING DUBBED 'MARY SUE' IS FARTHEST FROM AN HONOR.

QUOTE (Definition of Mary Sue)
'Mary Sue' is a term used to describe characters with one purpose - WISH FULFILLMENT. The players of the character merely wish to live vicariously through their creation, enjoying fantastic adventures and lovers. These characters are extremely unrealistic.

Below are helpful guidelines to avoid creating your character as a Mary Sue.

1. Gifted with superpowers or no, your character is NOT allowed to have in-depth knowledge about the supernatural world. Sure, they're allowed to have a vague idea about their abilities, but they're not allowed to know about the breed and abilities of others; your characters would be a Mary Sue if they know information without being told in the game. Everything learnt by your characters must be learnt in-game through the texts in the MAGIC BOX and the SUNNYDALE HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY.
2. Your character is NOT allowed to know the identity of the slayer, Buffy Summers. She would have been killed years ago if everyone in Sunnydale knew about her 'calling'.

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