Next Update: August 8th, 2005

Update For the Weeks of June 10th to July 27th

Darrylís House: Shelia is awake after having a nightmare. She gets out of bed and goes to rouse William Charles.

The Bank: The Bank of San Fran is open for Business.

 The University: Luc, Jerri, Kim, David, and Serena shared pizza in Lucís dorm room and got to know each other better. Luc is a Communications major and hoping to work at the Bay Mirror someday, Jerri is a Psych major and hoping to help others seeing she can read them so well.  Kim is a Botany major with hopes of having her own nursery some day, and David, ever the cautious one, says nothing about his major. He does, however, tell her that the group likes to go to P3 for fun and asks Serena if she goes to school there. She says no and that she was there to meet some friends when Luc and Jerri found her in the hall.

 When morning comes, Luc is the first to wake confused as to what happened and amused that he shared his bed with Jerri, who he really likes, but has eyes only for David. Jerri wakes a short time later and is enjoying a Pepsi when Serena falls off the couch and wakes up as a result. Luc suggests that once everyone is awake the group go to Quake for breakfast, to which the girls agree. Jerri and Serena head to the dorm room that Jerri and Kim share to find some clean clothes for Serena and to shower, leaving Luc to wake the sleeping David and Kim.

Luc uses a feather and some tickling to wake David, who wishes him luck waking Kim before he heads off to shower and change. Luc uses an melting ice cube to wake Kim, which triggers her powers out of surprise, and she ages his clothes till they are so old they disappear! Both have a good laugh over that as Luc reaches for a blanket to cover himself with and he swears to use warm water next time!

Meanwhile, AJ is waking and is confused as to how she got into bed. Seeing the clock she nearly freaks out thinking she missed class. Then she realizes that she hasnít and relaxes. She gets up and heads over to her computer and finds an email that is not signed telling her to meet the sender at Bay Hill Apartments #3A as soon as she gets the message and to come in costume. The nightmare demon figures that costume means to hide her demonic powers so she casts a spell to make them and herself appear as a being of light. That ought to piss off the Elders some at least! Then she gets dressed.

Champion Shacks:  Note: For ease of reading I am going by Apartment number. If something seems out of place, forgive me, there was a lot to cover. The incidents in Chris and Brendaís place start after the Time Jump.

 Apartment 2A: Brenda is the first to wake out of the threesome in the apartment. She recalls the talk the two friends had the night before and how while Brenda was in heaven in bliss, Ashley was suffering on earth, and the redhead resolves to be strong for her friend. Brenda also hopes that Ashley can find peace and some of her old self. Brenda leaves the bedroom so she doesnít wake Ashley.

Ashley lays dreaming. Ashley stands on the shore of the beach and looks at the breaking waves. The sun shines on her back and she runs a hand through her hair.

ìMommy!î Ashley turns at the sound of a small voice and she sees a little girl standing behind her holding a small object in her hand. Ashley stares at the little girl before her and then she gets down on her knees to be at eye level with her.

ìMommy look what I found.î

Ashley smiles at the little girl and looks down at what sheís carrying. Itís a seashell.

ìThatís nice.î

ìMommy can I show this to daddy?î Ashley frowns when the little girl asks this and she stops to studies the girlís features. She looks like she did when she was a little girl right down to her chin. But her eyes. Theyíre not hers. Ashley stands up and looks down the beach at a figure lying on a blanket. She could make out his body but his face it's shielded by the beach umbrella set up to keep him out of the sun.

ìLetís go see daddy.î

Ashley says and she takes hold of the little girlís hand and walks towards the figure of the man. But the further she walks the longer the beach gets. Ashley is confused and she begins to walk faster but she still isnít getting any closer. She turns to the little girl and sheís gone.

Ashley looks back towards the man lying on the blanket and little girl is with him now waving her down. She shakes her head and starts to run toward the pair but she canít reach them no matter how hard she tries and suddenlyÖ

The dream so startles Ashley that she wakes up and not seeing Brenda in bed, goes to look for her, worried that something might have happened to her friend.

Brenda moves into the hallway and heads to the bathroom and then heads to Chrisí room to see if he is awake. She is about to knock on his door when she spots the living room looking like it did prior to the attack and fire. She is a tad confused as to how it was done.

What she doesnít know is that Clarke cast a spell the night before to achieve this result. Kudos to the gypsy for pulling off a major redecorating coup. Repairing the Beamer ought to be a piece of cake for him!

Brenda heads into the living room to look around and what she sees causes her mouth to drop open and she is rendered speechless! She calls for Chris, hoping that her yelling did not wake Ashley.

Chris appears and at first he is confused and then he sees the reasons for the summons and asks Brenda if she did this and airs the idea that she shouldnít be using magick so soon after being resurrected. He suggest that she go back to bed.

Brenda tells him that she thought that he had done the clean up job and assures him that her powers are fine. She realizes that someone did this for them and mentions that even the kitchen is fixed! Hey Clarke? You ought to become an interior designer!

Brenda asks Chris if he can use his powers to find out who did this for them and then tells her friend that if not, itís okay because she needs to take a shower and get dressed and figure out how to explain her being alive again.

Chris tells Brenda that he doesnít have that kind of control over his premonitions and not to worry about it. The fact that she is alive is what matters, even though he is bothered by the fix up job.

Brenda agrees with him as she heads over to retrieve her BoS from the bookshelf. She announces that she is going to do some writing and then get dressed. She also offers to cook breakfast for him. She also notices his abs and compliments him on them.

Chris has no time to reply because four strange men appear in the living room. The one that speaks first says that they were sent to help Brenda and they label Chris as a Warren. Once all four are in the living room, little orbs that look like earth appear in their outstretched hands. Way cool by the way!

Brenda is suspicious, and well I would be too! She readies her power if it is needed and tells the suits to start explaining.

Black Suit number 2 says that they were sent to alter reality to prevent her exposure. White Suit number two ask her what she wishes to accomplish and calls her Witch Goddess.   She is curious as to why they call her a witch goddess and tries to keep their prying eyes from seeing other endowments of hers, while making sense of what she was just told.

The redhead realizes that she cannot alter her death, but she suggests that there was a mistake and that a body that was not her own was misidentified as herself and buried as such. She asks about her friendís memories.

Black Suit Number One pronounces her suggestion as done and states that authority figures who would question her return have had their memories rewritten.  White Suit Number One asks her what she wants her friends to remember.

Brenda opts to not change anything, hoping that her friends would not expose her, and the suits agree and they disappear, along with their mini earths.

Once they are gone, Brenda smiles at Chris, relieved at not having to explain her appearance, and announces that she is going to do her spell updates and then fix breakfast for him and Ashley.

Ashley appears behind Chris and pokes him.. She asks him if he cast a spell to spruce up the place for a hot date as she moves to stand in front of him.

Chris comes out of his daze and says that he doesnít have a date and he thinks of Tess. He explains to Ashley that he and Brenda woke up to this and asks what she is doing up so early.

Ashley tells him that some people have jobs and arenít all spoiled rich kids, citing the Benz he owns as proof. She asks him then that if he did fix the place and Brenda didnít, then who did? Chrisí explanation is the four suits that came with offers of help for Brenda and did a magickal whammy so that she could come back without any questions. He also noted that she slept through that and that sheíd probably sleep through the largest quake in San Fran history too! He also notices that Brenda is now in the kitchen.

Ashley enjoys the banter between herself and Chris, realizing that she needs that and that all guys think of three things food, sex, and cars, but not necessarily in that order. She needs the normalcy after she picked up on the love fest right above her head the night before.

Ashley gazes at the ceiling hoping to hone in on the empathic link and feels a pang of pain when she picks up nothing. She hopes that Clarke is not depressed or anything. Chris joins her sitting on the sofa and asks Ashley how she thinks that Brenda is adjusting to things. Ashley tells him that at first Brenda was angry and now she is acting as if nothing is wrong and that sheís hiding something. She asks Chris if he can tell what it is.

Chris tells Ashley that he canít control the premonitions yet and that his instincts are screaming that she is hiding something. He airs the hope that Brenda can cope with the real world, especially after what happened.

Ashley agrees with Chris as she gets up and pulls him to his feet. She tells him that the best thing they can do is be there for her. He agrees and says that he hopes that Brenda can stand the heat. Thank the Gods, he did not complete the clichÈ! The pair head to the kitchen.

Chris teases Brenda about the lack of pancakes and mistakenly calls tomatoes a veggie as he steals one and plops in a chair at the kitchen table and props his feet up on another.

Ashley tries to recall when the last time she had any of Brendaís cooking and she knocks Chrisí feet off the chair reminding him of his manners and then she takes a seat in the vacant chair. Brenda chimes in that tomatoes are fruits not veggies as she whips up the omettes and then the pancakes.

Ashley chides Chris for not being a gentleman and when the pair are asked what their plans are for the day, Ashley says that she is going into work. Chris, not knowing that the girls both work together, assumes that Ashley is just tagging along for the heck of it and decides that he needs to go look for a job too because he is low on moolah.

While Ashley and Chris eat, Brenda disappears to get changed and shower. Stealthily Chris reaches for his roommate's BoS and tries to get a premonition of what she added. He gets one and realizes that Brenda fears her destiny.

As Chris cleans up from Breakfast and Ashley changes for work, the premonition witch picks up on some one opposite the door and goes to answer it. Itís Max. He fakes being a new tenant and says that he knocked to ask for directions to the Magic Box. But this stranger looks familiar to Chris although he canít place him.

Apartment 2B: Nate has come to the Shacks and after chatting up Jim has gained access to Helen and Bastianís old apartment. He is debating if he should remove Helenís things or not. To him the apartment is lifeless, when it should feel the other way around. Seeing a pair of Bastianís boxers brings memories of Eddie and Nate faces the fact that, while he loved the vampire, Eddie did not feel the same way. Nate also realizes that he is not moving on. He is stuck still trying to cope with Helenís death and the loss of Eddie.

Apartment 3A: Tristan and Clarke had a night of passion, which was long overdue in my opinion! Clarke looses his magick and phasing power temporarily after he casts the spell to clean up Brendaís place. When the discovery is made, Clarke is surprised and recalls an episode from the day before when he lost his powers for a short time due to overuse, and assumes it is the same thing now. He assures Tristan of that.  Tristan assures his boyfriend that his powers will return and invites Clarke to join him in the shower and to come with him to pick up his assignment at the Mirror. Clarke agrees.

Apartment 4C: Jonathon has a mysterious silver compass in his possession and the thing is leading him somewhereÖ..