Next Update: August 8th, 2005

Update For the Weeks of June 10th to July 27th

Bay Hill Apartments: Sabrina is being attacked by Brock a demon intent on delivering the dreamwalker to the Demonic Training Academy. At this point things look grim for her. Will help arrive in time to save her?  Nola also has a run in with a ghost of a child named Angelica, who wants help getting away from a bad man. What does she have to do with Cynthia, the ghost on the carousel, Tyler, and is there any tie to Micky?

The Streets of San Fran:  Brock walks to the Bay Hill Apartments after sensing magick there. Nola is headed the same place looking for a place to live, and Jon is waiting for the compass to show him where to go. It does and it leads him to Golden Gate Park eventually. Pacey wanders around town doing some people watching as he waits for his assignment to be made clear.

The Sunshine Motel:

Room 1: Eddie in a fit of bloodlust and some rage kills the landlord of the motel while Nate watches. Nate questions himself if he could actually become a vampire. Nate tells Eddie that they should part and then thanks to Seanís wish, he looses all memory of Faith, the slayer who no longer seems to exist. Eddie blows off Nateís words blaming them on the fact that his witch lover is upset over homophobic attitudes. Moments later Eddie leaves the motel and goes elsewhere not really wanting to deal with this turn of events. Is Eddie still alive or did his trip into the daylight bring him his Final Death? How will Rick take it?

Room 4: Pacey crashes here for the night. The is confused as to what Nola was doing wandering the streets so late. He also decides that maybe it is time to pay the Elders a visit.

Room 5: Nola sleeps here over night. She notices a large bruise on the inside of her inner thigh and recalls always carrying a travel bag with her, which is not in the motel room.

Room 6: Max spends the night here and is in the middle of a shower when he is summoned by the Elders. Just for shits and giggles he orbs Up There naked as the day he was born.

Blue Sky Apartments: Anthony is just getting up and getting ready when his phone rings. Itís Amy calling him to come into the Magic Box because they may have found a way to reverse the body snatch spell.

Golden Gate Park: The compass leads Jon to the hidden entrance of the Garden Maze, and after speaking the words that allow him to enter, the gates open and he steps into the maze.

At the other end of the park, Jemre the missing firestarter appears naked and frozen form his time in another world with the Goddess Isis, who has given him an amulet and a new life. What lies ahead for him?

There is also a ghost child named Tyler here.

 St. Peterís Church and Cemetery: Pacey struggles to keep from becoming the demon's next victim. He calls forth his Blade of Justice. It appears and he is able to free him from the vines the demon used to attack him. Nola stumbles upon the fight and before she can really help, the archangel's cutting of the vines cause the demon to shimmer away. Nola moves out of the shadows to see if Pacey is hurt or notÖ..

Kara makes her wish. Kara's wish: "I wish the Slayer who killed Joe and Tom was standing before me defenseless so that I could snap her neck and drink from her."

Sean out of boredom and hunger makes a wish too. "Stupid Slayers... I wish they'd never existed! We wouldn't be stuck in here and hiding from them if they didn't." As a result of the wish from Sean, all of Rick and his family are sent to the Underworld, where they are now part of the Demonic Realm. Nola, Courtney, and Faith loose their slayer skills and are normal girls.

Grand Flaxen Hotel: The mysterious Anastasia is in the building!

Bucklandís: Vince has gone to his office while trying to cope with the loss of Brandon. His thoughts are interrupted when Claireís voice comes over the phone system says that sheíd like to see him in her office regarding a client with a painting of his dead wife.

The Bay Mirror: Tristan arrives with Clarke to pick up his assignment and finds himself assigned to cover the fashion show later that evening. He is also asked by Elise to interview Brenda to get the official scoop on what happened. Tristan agrees to both assignments and he agrees to let Ashley know to stop by the office, as she has been assigned to take photos. Moments later he and Clarke head off to Emilyís Boutique to rent tuxes for the occasion. And Clarke gets it into his head to crash the party magickal style.

P3: The nightclub is now closed!

Amyís Apartment: Amy and Brennan spent the night at her place and Amy has located the spell to undo the body switch along with the mind link spell. Herald has also informed her that he knows of someone that can open a portal to where Lydia is, but that spell has a high price, It requires a sacrifice to work, a sacrifice of blood, then if the Goddess Moira decides that the sacrifice is enough, then she will open the portal for them. Hereís a tidbit for you, the name Moria is Celtic and is derived from the Greek word, Morae, which means fate.

The Magic Box:  Brennan heads off to locate supplies and Amy goes to call Anthony to come in and help them. Herald also arrives to help and he and Brennan have a chat in the storage room.

The Forest: Jaden meets her death in the old cave there at Karaís hands.

Bakerís Beach: Mirella and Rachel are still with Adrian and the trio are traveling to Atlantis.

The Demonic Training Academy: Cannan has been incarcerated for taking the tome about vampires back to the lair without permission. The vampire/gypsy is stripped of all her powers and takes the loss very badly, screaming at the guard and calling all demons scumbags.

She meets a demon named Justin and they are able for form a friendship of sorts. She tells him how she got in the cage and what she is, in the hopes that he will go and alert Rick and company. The redhead also flirts with him. When the guard kicks Justin out, Cannan ponders what it means to be evil.

Trevor meets with Courvus and after a long interview and nearly being killed by a fireball, is accepted into the Academy. Good Luck Trev! Youíre going to need it!

Moments later there is another knock at the Headmasterís door. It is Justin, who also hopes to train at Demon High.

The Upper Catacombs: A banquet is in session celebrating the rise of the new Source of All Evil, when the Oracle has a vision of Jemre and tells the former Siren that the thorn in her side is back. The Empress summons some minions and sets them the task of retrieving her pet, alive. The Oracle fills them in the details. Zac, the alchemist, knows something about the new Queen that no one else does. What could it be??

The Wizard School: In room 101 the students and their teacher, Alyson are discussing emotions and their relation to each of their own magickal abilities. Madison makes a good point, and in my opinion all witches and gypsies should heed her advice: Rage isn't the best way to trigger your power. If you're enraged that makes your power unpredictable and that means that something you don't want to happen, can happen. Endangering not only yourself but the others around you.