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The Heavens: Lydia sits in the Great Hall preparing to face her father. The portal has come announcing that he has come to retrieve her, but he has yet to appear.

In the Elders Quarters Max has been summoned. He arrives in the all together and holding his toothbrush, which is quickly remedied. The Elders wish to speak to him about Brenda and her recent return form the dead. Max is overjoyed at this news and then wonders why his feels such intense emotions for a charge he has never met. He also apologizes for his failure to heal charges that have died while he was a prisoner in the Underworld. Then he asks how Brenda was brought back to life.

Emerson tells him that it was a Celtic ritual that did it and that it was part of a prophecy. He says:  ìBasically every five hundred years Brendaís soul is reincarnated into the world so she can fight an epic battle with a dark force of tremendous power. It is of the utmost importance that she does not fail in this fight or lose her life before this battle can take place,î He tries to get across the seriousness of this prophecy. ì Should either come about, the mortal realm will be lost... not even the Charmed Ones will be powerful enough to prevent what will come about should Brenda fail at accomplishing her destiny.î

Phillip advises Max to keep a careful eye on Brenda and to keep his identity to himself. At first Max doesn't realize what prophecy is being spoke of and then it dawns on him. He recalls making jokes about sending the woman spoken of to and early grave. He also acknowledges that he could have escaped from the Oracle earlier then he did, but he was finding peace in failure. Brenda died because of him. The irony hits him hard and makes him very uncomfortable.

Max wants to refuse with all that he is, but knows that it would be ridiculous to do so. A part of him thinks that the Elders are punishing him. Max's comment about getting all the important charges and missions seems to me to be a sarcastic statement, but it does have truth to it. More then anything Max just wants to return to the hotel and dream of better days, days that don't include the killing of his father. He orbs back to his room at the Sunshine Motel.


The Halliwell Manor: Piper is just waking up and after sitting on the edge of her bed and celebrating the fact that she is alive, the eldest Charmed One, gets off the bed, slides on her robe, and moves to the doorway of the nursery to watch Wyatt and Melinda sleep. Thoughts of Leo come to her as well and she fights the tears. Piper realizes that she may be the only one who truly knows what Phoebe feels over the loss of Cole. Needing to talk to Phoebe, Piper looks at the twins once more and then heads off to find her sister.

While walking down the hallway, Piper hears water running in the second floor bathroom and assumes that it is Paige getting ready for work. Then her gaze shifts to the guest bedroom, where she thinks that Max is sleeping. Piper realizes that Max is cute and that he spends a lot of time at the Manor. And even though she is not ready for another relationship, Piper does not find the thought of a cute whitelighter unappealing to her, she chides herself because she is not ready for another relationship.

Paige is up early too. After taking a shower and getting dressed, she hurries to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Phoebe is dressed and is brushing her hair when she realizes that Piper is at the door. Piper studies Phoebe and is suspicious based on the look in her eyes and her attitude. Some deal with loss better then others, you know Piper dear. Phoebe tries to reassure Piper that she is indeed fine and realizes that Piper is concerned for her emotional well being at this point in time. Phoebe confirms that she is indeed on her way to work telling Piper that she has a lot to do.

Phoebe freezes when she spots the tickets for the fashion show that is later that evening and recalls how she got a reluctant Cole to agree to go. She is hit with a  wave of sadness, which kicks in her spell from the night before, but not before Phoebe nearly breaks down and cries over her loss. The sadness is short-lived and replaced with joy.

Hearing Paige call them for breakfast, Phoebe picks up her poncho and her purse and steps into the hallway with Piper, who tries to stop her sister from running off. Piper asks her sister about the sudden swing of mood and notices that Phoebe is wearing Gram's ring, her bewitched ring. When Piper mentions it, Phoebe laughs it off and says that she threw that ring down the drain so that there would be no repeat performances. The pair head for the kitchen to see what Paige made for food, or burned....

Phoebe is the first to enter the kitchen, through the smoke. She jokes that Paige is trying to burn down the house, which irritates Paige. Phoebe is also the first of the sisters to realize that their younger sibling is no longer a redhead, but sporting her natural dark hair. Paige on the other hand realizes that something is not quite right with how Phoebe is reacting. She should be all gloom and instead she is acting like she won the lottery.

Phoebe knows that Paige used magick for personal gain and tells her so and she also tells the hybrid that she and Grams have something in common, the inability to tell lies. Paige offers her a plate of Cajun style pancakes and Phoebe says she'll grab something on the way into work. Paige sets up a nice, demon free, lunch date. Both her sisters say it is a nice idea and them Piper brings up the shooting at P3 the night before and that she may be too tied up for the lunch date.

Piper scrounges up breakfast for the twins as she tries to figure out how a gun got past the security at the club. Paige is hurt at the idea that her attempt at some sister time has failed. Phoebe agrees to meet at Quake at 2 that afternoon and tries to head out again, when Piper stops her with a question.

Phoebe tells her elder sister to speak fast as time is a wasting and she is late. Piper asks if Phoebe has done any spells recently. Phoebe's reply is a roundabout no to which she adds the idea that being brought back from the dead has taken a toll on her and that Piper needs to relax. She also suggests that Laura handle things at P3 and that Piper stay home with the twins.

Talking about the twins makes Phoebe wonder aloud what her baby will look like and she airs the hope that the child has Cole's green eyes, adding that mint green is her favorite color.  Paige keeps her suspicions to herself and makes the observation that Piper could be a little less blunt. Phoebe leaves and calls out a reminder to Paige about lunch, while Piper stares at the back door in surprise. Paige comments that at least Phoebe is not playing Celene Dion repeatedly.

Piper airs the wish that she were doing so because then she'd know how to help Phoebe. She also points out that Phoebe is acting as if loosing Cole is not affecting her. Piper has been there and done that one. She fixes the twins their breakfast and puts the bowls of Cheerios on their respective trays before announcing that she was heading to P3 to do some work and that Phoebe, regardless of how it was done, is avoiding the pain and that it will come back to hurt her in the end.

Paige looks down at her watch and realizes that she is late for work. Paige grabs her coffee cup and her keys and pauses as she catches sight of Piper's expression catches her eye. She recalls then that Piper had to cope with a similar loss not to long before and that her guy is the only one that still has yet to bite the dust. Paige brightens when Piper says that she will try to make it for lunch at Quake. Paige also advises Piper not to sweat Phoebe's mood and that if their sister is still in good spirits, they'd slip a reversal potion in her Dr. Pepper. Then she heads out and takes the long way to her car.