The most prominent magical breed within the Charmed: Age of Prophecy universe is the Witch. This breed is currently classified into three separate classes; witch practitioners, magical witches, and lorelei witches. While all witches are similar in the fact that they follow the Wiccan Rede, their standing within the magical community are very much so different.

Each Witch must decide whether to fight for the side of good or evil. While a good witch uses their magic to protect the innocent from the demons and evil beings who haunt them, a dark witch is one who turns their back on their good nature and the Wiccan Rede. These dark witches are referred to as Warlocks.

Classes of Witches

Witch Practitioner
A witch practitioner is a mortal who decides to become a devote participant of the Craft in a later stage of life, and are not born into the lineage of witchcraft. Although they are not naturally born witches who inherit the power of the Craft from a biological parent they still develop and hone many of the basic traits and abilities of magical born witches.

Magical Witch
A magical witch is a human born from a lineage of natural witches. It is not known how this breed of witch came into existence, but it is theorized that a devote witch practitioner who lives the Craft during pregnancy may give birth to a child who becomes inherently in-tune with the magical forces due to their mother's study in the Craft. Therefore, the child becomes the first magical witch in the family line. An example of this may be a witch practitioner from the 1600s named Charlotte and her daughter Melinda Warren. Magical witches are always born with a supernatural ability that grows and evolves as the witch grows in their Craft. This is in addition to the innate gifts of all witches.


Lorelei Witch
This is a sub-species of magical witches that exist in our mythology and is unique to our role-playing game. A lorelei witch is an artistic witch who takes everything they do in life and expresses it in poetry or song. Therefore many, if not all, have the ability to magically captivate, mesmerize or to simply put charm others with their artistic talents. An in depth history of the Lorelei Witch has yet to be revealed, but those who might seek the knowledge may eventually stumble upon their truth of origin.

Powers and Abilities

All witches can develop and master three abilities of the Craft. These skills include; scrying, spell casting, and brewing potent potions.

Witch Practitioners
These witches have only been known to develop the skills to successfully cast spells, brew potent potions, and scry for the locations of objects and other beings.

Magical Witches
In addition to the three innate abilities, they also inherit a range of supernatural abilities from passive to active and defensive to offensive. Such abilities may include, telekinesis, telepathy, electrokinesis, or heat generation among many other supernatural powers.

Traits of Witches

A Witch's Creed
Powers carried in their blood
Protecting Innocents

Notable Witches

The Charmed Ones

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