A less prominent evil magical breed within the universe of Charmed: Age of Prophecy is the Warlock. This breed is currently classified into two separate classes; oath breakers and pure warlocks. The latter breed consists of a variety of sub-species. While their are many breeds of warlocks they all share one ultimate and dangerous goal: to kill good witches and steal their powers.

Those of the pure warlock species do not bleed. Blood is not their life sustaining substance as that aspect belongs to one thing; power. The stronger the power they possess, the stronger their warlock form becomes. Because of the aspect of their life sustaining force being reliant on power, warlocks have an inherent desire to acquire as much power as possible. Thus, few things can kill pure warlocks, as their power allows them to heal almost instantaneously from most mortal wounds. Though this process does weaken their power and could result in the lowering of their power levels.

This is the cause behind the greatest of all goals of any warlock; to kill good witches and steal their powers. Of all the magical beings witches possess the strongest magical powers due to their relation to the craft. With warlocks being the counterpart to witches, their powers give warlocks the most suitable and complementary sustaining life substance.

Classes of Warlocks

Oath Breaker
All witches must follow the golden rule taken from the Wiccan Rede, "An it harm none, do as ye will". When a witch instead harbors dark intentions and uses their magic to harm others without remorse, they will automatically crossover to the dark side and become a warlock. Only magical witches fall victim to this thin veil between good and evil, as witch practitioners aren't as innately tied to the magical laws of the universe. With their turn to darkness, the magical powers in possession of the witch also undergo a dark transformation.


Pure Warlocks
A pure warlock is born from a warlock parent. This could be a a first generation turned warlock, or from a lineage of warlocks. This breed of warlock possess a demonic form, and when in use their face contorts in a hideous and monstrous visage. In their warlock form they gain greater strength, speed, and all other physical skills are greatly amplified. Pure warlocks do not bleed, and deplete their power level to heal major wounds. If too much power is needed to heal a wound, a warlock can lose access to their stolen powers and will need to acquire newer magical abilities to retain their former power. If their power level is low and they acquire any sort of severe mortal wound they will be instanteously vanquished. Despite their ability to use their acquired power to self-heal, a severe wound such as decapitation results in a quick vanquish for a warlock. Sub-species of warlocks include, Collectors, Dragon Warlocks, and Familiar Warlocks.

Powers and Abilities

All warlocks can develop and master three abilities of the Craft. These skills include; scrying, spell casting, and brewing potent potions.

Power Theft. Warlocks posses the ability to steal the magic of a witch. At the point of death a warlock captures the magic flowing from a witch's body, often at times obtaining their abilities or simply boosting their own. Warlocks can steal the abilities of other supernatural beings they vanquish, though they do risk incurring demonic wrath by killing those that serve evil.

Oath Breakers
In addition to the three innate abilities, Oath Breakers have their born supernatural abilities mutated into a darker and more sinister version.

Pure Warlocks
In addition to the three innate abilities, Pure Warlocks inherit a range of supernatural abilities from passive to active and defensive to offensive. Such abilities may include blinking, glamouring, telepathy, or creating fireballs among many other supernatural powers.

Traits of Warlocks
Pure warlocks do not bleed
They are self-healing
Eyes are sensitive to light
The power to blink

Notable Warlocks
Vince Corinthos

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