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Update For the Weeks of August 14th to October 9th:

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Amazonian Forest

Jonathon emerged from the Garden Maze to find himself in the Amazonian Forest in the Nether Realm. He was soon returned to his mortal state after a short stint as a pixie thanks to Eileen. He promised the pixie that he would not abandon her, and together they set out to find the White Witch. They hope she will be able to tell them why Jon has been brought to the Nether Realm. As they begin their journey, Jon had a close call involving a dagger.

Valley of Airak/Siras River

The Dark Sorceress, Alux Ehdea, began her journey and eventually found her way to the School of Witchery. It is here she hopes to find some way of reviving her dead mentor.

School of Witchery

Alux Ehdea came across an obstacle on her journey. A dwarf blocks her entry into the school. The two have begun to battle. Alux underestimated the dwarf, and tried casting a confusion spell on him.

Maggie has finally replied the newest student, Skylar, and told her to wait for student mentor.

The quartet of students (Madisen, River, Neo, and Charity) leave class with intention on going to lunch. Charity becomes jealous of Jill Winters, and Neo jumps in with a telepathic jibe.

Once in the courtyard, Neo tries to convince the other three to take part in something ďdaringĒ that involves leaving the school grounds. One by one, they each succumb to the peer pressure.

While the girls run up to their rooms, the two guys wait in the courtyard. After awhile, Neo gets a little impatient and cusses. However, it isnít long before the Charity and Madisen are on their way back.

Nine Layers of Hell

Bella, a Hellion Demi Goddess, has appeared in Dis, the Iron City. This is the second layer of Hell.

Upper Catacombs

The Empress goes to meet Jemre and her minions in her room while the Oracle tunes in on her crystal ball. After dismissing the minions, the Empress attempts to restore Jemreís allegiance with her. However, the amulet he now wears around his neck protects him from her Song. When her attempts fail, she simply takes what she wants by stabbing him in the torso and collecting some of his blood. She then commands her minions to drop him off somewhere before flaming out, which they of course do.


Nate finds himself in a curious position with both a bounty hunter and warlock after him. He is chased by the Bounty Hunter who binds his powers indefinitely and casts a successful truth spell on the newly created mortal. He eventually finds his way out of the Underworld and back to San Francisco.

However, his absence doesnít last. While on the streets, Nate falls unconscious. The vengeance demon Kei brings him to her lair. She partially heals him, and when it proves difficult to get him to trust her, she casts a successful trust spell. Then she herself is summoned away to the Grand Flaxen Hotel by Anastasia. The now truth-speaking, trusting, and powerless mortal, Nate, makes his way out of Keiís Lair.

After stumbling around the Underworld a bit more, Nate finds himself at the Demonic Training Academy. It is here that he runs into no other than his ex-lover, Eddie.

Also at the Academy, Justin and Trevor are both enrolled and sent off to their first class by Corvus. At the training arena, Trevor is chosen to go first. Hebthyl, a nasty demon, heads off to the dungeons to retrieve his opponent. A young mortal girl, Jesse. Another demonic student, Danika, steps forward and proposes a two-on-two match, feeling a womanís sympathy towards Jesse.

Before the match, Jesse conversed with Cannan in the dungeons. Whilst Cannan delayed in eating the mortal, Jesse ignored the taunts thrown at her by the vampire. That is, until Hebthyl removes her from the cell. Soon after, Cannan mysteriously vanished for unknown reasons.

In the library, Mya and Missy set out to find the Codex Vitae. The ancient tome apparently holds magic specifically created to be cast by vampires. It even includes a spell to protect vampires from being staked.


Rachel, Mirella, and Adrian continue on their journey to Atlantis. Immediately after being settled in, Mirella rushes to Adrianís room. After some pleading, the merman opens his door and allows Mirella to come in.

Muir Woods

Blind shaman, Kayla Young, is lead to her cabin by a somewhat helpful gust of wind. Once in her cabin, Kayla is shown an image of her power animal, the wolf, on the astral plane.

The Beach

Aidan, a gypsy from an alternate future, is dropped on the beach via a portal. He is in search of his past life, fellow gypsy Clarke Ryder, in hopes of learning more about his destiny and heritage as a gypsy.

Sunshine Motel

At the motel, Kei poses as the owner and greets Charlie. After showing the Solar Invocator to her room, she tricks the girl into making a wish. Kei makes Charlie invisible and mute.

Streets of San Fran

Jemre is deposited in a back alley by the Empressí minions. He stumbles out onto the streets where he is picked up by Piper Halliwell. Piper helps Jemre into the car, and soon realizes something is off with the firestarter. Unfortunately, that isnít the only thing she learns. The eldest Charmed One also discovers her marriage to Jemre while Hyde was in possession of her body. After calling Max to heal him, the trio make their way to the Manor.

Nate stumbles on to the streets. He falls unconscious and is picked up by Kei and brought back to the Underworld.

While on the way to Quake with her charges, Serena is summoned by the oh so timely Elders. Also, David and Luc begin discussing the map.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Elder Alexander summons Tristan to the North Tower Summit. He tells the whitelighter about the Grimlock attack on Nancy, Tyler, and Celeste. Alexander tells Tristan to have Ashley look into it. Afterwards, Tristan asks about Billyís disappearance and Kilmer. Unfortunately, Alexander isnít able to shed any light on either topic.

Grand Flaxen Hotel

Heiress Anastasia arrives at the hotel with a snooty attitude and a mysterious purpose. Once in her room, she summons and traps the vengeance demon Kei. After killing the demon, she destroys the source of her power; her necklace. This of course undoes all the wishes granted by Kei. The Slayers are then returned their destinies and Charlie is once again able to be seen and heard.

The Magic Box

After Amy and Brennan return to their proper bodies, they cast a mind link spell with Lydia and enter her subconscious. Lydia tells them she is being held in the Heavens and that they need to hurry because her sister is already there. So the pair return to their own bodies and head out to the alley. Amy glamours them and Brennan opens a portal to the Heavens to save Lydia.

Michael, Nola, Faith, AJ, and Harlow all arrive within the same space of time. Each is there with their own purpose. Nola wants to know the meaning to the Tarot card she found, Faith needs the phone because she broke down, AJ is out for supplies, and Harlow and Michael are just up to evil things. Anthony finds himself being pulled in two different directions when Nola and Faith decide to fight over him. Luckily, AJ steps in and explains the cardís meaning to Nola, freeing up Anthony to help Faith out.

Victoria arrives next and begins browsing for supplies to help her in getting revenge on Leah. She takes interest when Anthony tells her that Mandrake Root can be deadly, and decides to buy it. Harlow and AJ flirt shamelessly as Michael remains quiet in the corner. Ashley arrives next for supplies to use on her Grimlock mission about the time that the Slayer timeline is fixed and Faith disappears.

Victoria leaves and Aidan arrives. He realizes that he is in fact in the year 2003. Then the inevitable and obvious happens. The powerless gypsy runs into Ashley. He tries to fool her, but it isnít long before she realizes that he isnít Clarke due to her empathic connection with the real Clarke. Wonder how sheís going to handle thisÖ


Victoria comes here for a bite to eat. She ends up getting into a catfight with the bitchy waitress Leah. Food is thrown, clothes are ripped off, and a hot bartender gets in the middle. Victoria leaves, but wants vengeance on Leah.

St. Peterís Church

Dante is paid a visit by the Dragon Warlock, Marcus. The Slayers and Vampires are returned to their places at the Mausoleum where a battle breaks out. Nola dusts two vamps including Sean and Cannan, and is now looking for the third she senses in the room. However, Rick is on his way down to her and isnít happy.

Golden Gate Park

Nancy faints after her son is kidnapped and Celeste dies. The Elders send Tristan to her. The whitelighter orbs in, and takes her away to the hospital.


Darryl arrives to investigate the crimes at Piperís club, only to find the Halliwell never arrived. He calls her up on her cell and reminds her of their meeting. Piper and Max orb into the office and Piper rushes out to meet Darryl.

South Bay Social Services

Tristan and Clarke head to South Bay to see if Paige has any information on the Billy case. However, while waiting, Tristan is summoned by his superiors. He tells Clarke to wait for Paige as he orbs off. When Paige emerges, she and Clarke begin their talk about Billy and then orb off to the Manor.

Later, Chris and Tristan arrive looking for the pair. Realizing that they arenít there, Tristan orbs them to the only place he can think of that they would have gone.

The Bay Mirror

Elise tells Phoebe she got her a spot on the Thanksgiving Day float with Jason Dean. Tristan arrives planning on using the paperís resources to track down information on Kilmer. He is reminded of another unsolved case, and decides to finish following up on that one. The whitelighter finds out that the ashes found in Helenís room belonged to her boyfriend, Bastian Snyder. As he calls the police to report this information, Tristan also begins searching for Kilmer articles.


Andrew Clayton arrives for his meeting with Vince. Jack also joins in, and now the three are talking it up in Vinceís office. Bucklands is trying to get the rights to handle Andrewís collection.

Bay Hill Apartments/Champion Shacks

In the Bay Hill Apartments, Victoria finds the Spellbook of Tancredo in the laundry room of the building. When she returns later, she casts a spell out of it with some success. Now she has cast a second spell that will make Leah her slave.

The Slayersí watcher, Olivia, has finally arrived at the apartment. She isnít pleased with the way things look, or the fact that Faith is the one who has been with the girls.

At Champion Shacks, Tess is suffering from a cold. She gets a phone call from a radio station. After answering a few questions, she wins their current contest. Before she can get too excited about it, she gets a visitor. From her whitelighter.

Lucas, glamoured as someone else, tries his best to get to know her, but the ever suspicious Tess tells him to get lost after he makes a slipup. So what does he do? Dusts her and starts over. This time it is with slightly better results, as he is able to get into the apartment and have her agree to a tour. And right on cue, Tess gets a phone call from Chris as she was about to call him herself.

Tristan meets up with Ashley in the underground parking lot where he tells her about the Grimlock. After some persuading, he finally gets her to agree to the mission. The two head up to Brendaís and discover that they are alright with each other.

In Brendaís apartment, the teleporting witch has become very suspicious of her whitelighter Max. After Ashley and Tristan arrive, Max reveals to all his secret identity. Brenda isnít thrilled by the revelation. She grabs Ashley and the two leave. Max feels Paigeís pain, but before he can orb to her, he is summoned by Piper. Feeling that Paige has already gotten better, Max orbs to Piperís side. Chris gets a premonition that nearly kills him before Tristan heals the witch. Worried about Clarke, Tristan takes Chris and orbs them to Social Services.

After leaving the apartment, Brenda lays into Ashley and somehow is able to turn her problems onto her best friend. Once in the parking lot, they have a run in with the invisible and mute Charlie. At first, the girls are freaked out, but Ashley spots the word Ďhelpí scrawled on her car window. She tells Brenda that she has her own innocent to save, and that she needs to take care of this one. Ashley then heads off to help Tyler. With the destruction of Keiís necklace, the wish is reversed and Charlie returns to normal again.

San Francisco General/Police Department

Tristan orbs in with Nancy and leaves her there with the doctors and then heads to the Bay Mirror to do some research. Once there, he calls the police department after an initial research on Bastianís ashes.

San Francisco State University/Darrylís House

Josh, the future whitelighter, is running late for class. The Coven and Serena finally leave on their way to Quake. They were supposed to go for breakfast, yet itís already dinner time.

At Darrylís house, Sheila returns home with her son. While he sits himself at the tv, Darrylís grandmother comes along and lectures Sheila on how she should be acting.

The Halliwell Manor

Clarke and Paige orb into the attic first. While Paige memorizes the spell to summon Kei, Clarke attempts to contact Cynthia via the spirit board. She replies and spells out Kilmer Estate. Towards the end, it becomes very rushed. Suddenly, glowing red eyes appear and drain the two do gooders of energy. All the while a demonic essence hovers in the corner watching.

Piper, Jemre, and Max arrive at the Manor next. Max and Jemre head to the guest bedroom and discuss the firestarterís relationship to the eldest Charmed One. Piper heads up to the attic to check on Paige after Max tells her something had happened.

Paige begins to fill Piper in when Chris and Tristan orb in next. Thereís some more discussion of Billy, Cynthia, and Kilmer. Paige steps up and enchants an old television set that shows them the Oracle and Billy in the Underworld.

Jemre and Max walk into attic. They are also soon filled in on whatís going on. Tristan and Jemre have some conflict issues until the whitelighter is summoned by the Elders. Max rambles off some orders and then orbs Piper to P3. Paige leads the boys down to the kitchen. Chris and Jemre follow, and Chris jumps on the phone to call Tess. Clarke stays in the attic and begins searching through the Book of Shadows to help with his ghost problem.

The Heavens

The Elders tell Tristan about Nancy helpless in the park. They also reveal that there is no way to help Cannanís vampirism. One Elder is even able to give some information regarding the Kilmer issue. So Tristan orbs off to go multitask.

In the Great Hall, Lydia converses with Brennan and Amy in her subconscious while pleading with her sister Maeve not to take her back. Not long after the pair leave her subconscious, Brennan reappears in the Heavens via a portal. He immediately sets to attacking Maeve with his power.