The Update covering August 2nd to August 13th

The Heavens: Alyson is summoned to the Elders Quarters so that she could aid Nate, because while she was at The School of Wizardry, she could not sense her charges. She left very quickly to assist Nate.

The Halliwell Manor: Sheila has arrived at her destination and is currently ringing the doorbell. Piper answers the door and seeing Sheila on the front porch makes her worry that something has happened to Darryl. Shelia assures her that Darryl is fine and at work. When asked why the sudden worry, Piper passes it off as herself just being a worrywart.

The two women make plans for a dinner get-together the next night at seven.

Darryl's House: Sheila went to rouse William Charles and discovered that the bed is empty, so she heads to the kitchen, where she enjoys a cup of coffee while she thinks to herself. A short time later, she heads out.

Matt's Apartment: Matt accidentally colors his hair when he grabs Paige’s hair dye instead of shampoo. The inspector is bothered by two unsolved cases, the hospital killer and Billy.

Police Station: When Matt arrives at work, he is shocked to find that Darryl is not there. He heads to his desk and reads over the files there. He sees Billy and connects the child to the demon that was with the Oracle at the demonic temple. He has a hunch that Paige is involved and is proven correct when Paige’s name is mentioned in the piece that he is reading. He also makes connections with Kei to the deaths of the sisters the week before, but is having problems connecting the vengeance demon and the Oracle to the demonic child.

Sheila arrives at the station. She interrupts Matt’s train of thought…

Champion Shacks: Nate is found by Alyson just in time. She heals and dusts him. When he asks for her help finding Jim, she says he must do it on his own. Then she orbs back to the Elders realm.

Nate goes and cleans up the mess left and saving a small piece of blood-soaked sheet, Jim’s hat, and a crystal goes to look for aid from the most unlikely of help, the Vampire Clan.

Meanwhile in Brenda’s apartment: Max is formally introduced to both Brenda and Ashley. He is quick to make comparisons between Brenda and his other charges, The Charmed Ones. When he discovers that Brenda works with Phoebe, he earns a point for jerkdom, but he redeems himself when he assures Ashley that she still had a job because Phoebe has been dealing with family issues and Elise needs Phoebe.

Bay Hill Apartments: Sabrina’s spell is a success, while Nola ponders the events in the lobby with Angelica. Looking down on the floor of the lobby, Nola discovers a tarot card, Judgment, by the name written on it. What can it mean? Having no knowledge of the tarot, the blonde ex-slayer heads out to find help with this problem.

South Bay Social Services: Paige is at work and in Mr. Corwin’s office. Mr. Corwin has told her that he is reassigning the case with Billy to another worker and that this was her first official assignment as a social worker, but no one could get a hold of her to tell her that. He also states that had this been someone else they would have been fired and that she is now on leave until he assigns her a new case.

Paige is leaving her bosses office as Tristan and Clarke enter the building and both recognize the youngest Halliwell. Tristan is heading off to speak with her while Clarke tries to get information from other social workers.

Buckland’s: Vince is in Claire’s office discussing a painting with her.

The Bay Mirror: Phoebe arrives at work and after finding her glasses begins to work on her new column.

Quake: Anthony has breakfast here before going to work.

The Magic Box: Amy, Brennan, and Herald are waiting for Anthony and still gathering supplies for their upcoming rituals. When Tony does arrive, Amy asks him to watch the store and tells him that they may need his help with a ritual later that night.

Then she directs Brennan and Herald to the rear room so that they can begin their rituals. Brennan can we suggest learning Latin in the future?

Golden Gate Bridge: Our newest member, Charlie, makes her first appearance on the shore of the Bay.

The Woodlands: Jemre is found by the Empress’ minions thanks to his use of fire to make clothes for himself from leaves. Very Adam like, except this is not Eden!

The Garden Maze: Jonathon has met up with a pixie named Eileen and is freaking because she asked him about crossing worlds. The pixie tells him that the compass is used for that, but Jon is reluctant to do this. Ah yes, he fears the unknown!

The Old Cave: Nate is the first mortal to enter the cave since Kara killed Jaden and he makes the startling discovery of the killing, but he still presses on looking for the Clan.

Baker’s Beach: Adrian, Mirella, and Rachel are in a sub on the way to Atlantis.

The Demonic Training Academy: Cannan is still flirting with the guard in the dungeons. Neither of them knows weather it is hunger or lust that drives the vampire at this point.

Meanwhile in the Headmaster’s office, Corvus picks up the scent of vampires off of Justin and is curious as to what more then one is doing in his school. He asks Justin just that, hoping to find out the answer along with the answer to the question of why he should allow Justin in after he spent time with Cannan in the dungeons.

Justin tells the Headmaster to basically, mind his own business while Trevor observes the conversation. To Trevor, Justin is being stupid and he believes that Corvus is due more respect then what he is getting.

The Source’s Chambers: The minions have returned with their prey. With the words Habitum supremus, Miltin pins Jemre to the wall, so that he cannot move and thus not have to be babysat.

The Abandoned Cavern: Nate has just made the acquaintance of a bounty hunter set out to find witches to sell as slaves in the Underworld. Will he become one of them?

Nether Realm: A new student named Skylar has arrived at the School.

Professor’s class dismisses. Madisen is hoping no one will talk to her after drawing attention to herself in class and rushes out. Jill catches Neo in the act of reading her mind and approaches him. She tells him to meet her alone in the first hall after class because she has something to show him. Charity is alert and curious like any good girlfriend and so she corners Neo. Madisen heads out.

Neo brushes it off and tells Charity that he is being good... River suggests that they go to the cafeteria because he is starving and Madisen reappears in the room after realizing that she does not know the lay of the school yet.