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Set in Los Angeles, Only After Nightfall is a mystery-neo-noir role-playing game which follows Vince Valiant, a dishearten hard-boiled private investigator and bounty hunter. Referred to as Veronica Mars meets Constantine, the RPG follows Valiant as he combats the malevolent inhabiting the bustling metropolis as a part of his mission to protect those in need from more than just your average ardent criminals. His one-man company, Valiant Investigations, specializes in primarily battling the "forces of Hell" that plague the "City of Angels"... how ironic.

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Welcome! This is your official welcome to the world of Only After Nightfall; an online role-playing community that functions on a play-by-post system.

The information gathered on this online website and its accompanying message board is the sole property of John, the creator of both Only After Nightfall and Charmed: Age of Prophecy. Any and all creations not belonging to him, the staff, or members of the message board are given credit in the website's disclaimer.

This new role-playing game promises to be unique among the previously seen games created by John; specifically in the way that the fictional universe operates. The RPG will also be completely original and based only on familiar genres such as neo-noir and the supernatural.

Website Launch

2 September 2008
The Only After Nightfall website is officially launched! The website features key information regarding the upcoming titular role-playing game, which is set to begin during the llasr quarter of 2008. Currently, the majority of the role-playing game's key functions (the Handbook and forum) are under-construction. Also in the works are brief novellas that will contain poignant background information for the universe of the RPG.

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