Posted by John - 12-14-10 22:37

Set in Los Angeles, Only After Nightfall is a mystery-neo-noir role-playing game which follows Vince Valiant, a dishearten and hard-boiled private investigator and bounty hunter, as he combats the malevolent inhabiting the bustling metropolis. Referred to as Veronica Mars meets Constantine, the RPG follows Valiant Investigations as it sets out to protect those in need from more than just your average ardent criminals. The company's specialty reigns in primarily battling the forces of Hell, which plague the "City of Angels"... how ironic. Join the game and figure out where it is you lie in the ongoing battle between good and evil - will you be hero or villian?
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Posted by John - 01-24-15 22:25
Death of a RPG

Only After Nightfall died towards the end of November 2013. The board was officially taken offline sometime in 2014, but full members still have access to the RPG forums to retrieve needed information or reminisce on plots once played. OAN's future is unclear, but for the time being the domain name and hosting site will be maintained. As will the CBOX, which can be found below. Questions and comments can be left there. For faster responses, you may contact me via email.

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