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Experience Points (also known as EXP) are acquired points that give characters access to supernatural abilities; such abilities allow them to cast spells, use talismans or magical artifacts, and view/locate hidden locations throughout the role-play world. EXP can be earned in numerous ways; most notably through in-character posting. Each in-character post increases a character's EXP by 1 point. The current possible ways to gain EXP include, but are not limited to:
  • In-Character Posting
  • Talismans
  • Spells
  • Time Blips / Time Jumps (see notable features)
  • OOC Challenges

Every spell, talisman and artifact (as well as some supernatural powers) require the use of EXP. The required EXP for magical acts will be drawn from the individual character's EXP count by the Higher Powers, in order to make the magical act successful. Characters with low amounts of EXP can pull their EXP together in order to give power to a specific spell or artifact: this is why most characters who practice witchcraft form covens in order to increase the power behind their spells and rituals.

Strength Levels and EXP
The amount of acquired EXP a character has helps measure the Strength Level of their overall occult or psychic powers. There are several levels of Strength that determines how potent, effective or destructive a supernatural ability will be against other characters.

Experience Points
Level Zero
Minimum EXP
Level One
Level Two
Level Three
Level Four
Level Five
Level Six

Notable Features
  • Humans who attempt to cast spells without the aide of artifacts, amulets, or talismans must double the acquire cost of a magical act in order for it to be succesful and have a strong mind of focus. Flippantly cast spells by mundanes will yield no type of success.

  • The average natural Witch, unlike most characters, can expend half the required EXP necessary to use supernatural powers or artifacts, and cast spells successfully.

  • For every Time Blip each active character gains 10 EXP. For every Time Jump the gained EXP are as follows: a full day (25 EXP), a full week (50 EXP), or a full month (100 EXP).
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