A vampire is an animated deceased corpse that has now been overtaken by a demon known as "Van-Tal", a Drinker of Blood . The demon imbues the now vampire body with a natural killer instinct and an undeniable bloodlust.

The vampire successor shares many qualities with their human predecessor, including all of their memories stemming all the way up to the time of their death. However, the vampire incarnation lacks a human soul and thus any form of a conscience. For this reason, the personalities of most vampires are either the corrupt and opposite version of their human predecessor, or an expression of the human predecessor's hidden potential, their desires and fantasies now held unchecked by the lack of a human soul. A vampire is a true incarnation evil with no natural ties to humanity, or human compassion.

Newly Sired vampires will awaken with a sensation of disorientation, in which they will be highly violent and feral, before recovering and realizing their new status a vampire. After their first feeding the new vampire will experience a sensation of clarity that is new and unique, becoming astonished by their new sensation of power and their connection to an "all-consuming evil".

Classes of Vampires

The maker of a new vampire.

The term of newly sired vampires, but can be applied to any vampire whose Sire still lives.

Master Vampire
An old vampire who mastered their abilities to great strengths and has lived for at least 100 vampire years.


A prodigy of a Master Vampire, seen as more than just an ordinary Childe of a Sire. A vampire does not have to be Sired by a Master Vampire directly to be their fledging. GrandSires have been known to take on a GrandChilde as a prodigy.

An unrelated vampire who serves a Master Vampire.

Powers and Abilities

A vampire's animated corpse is imbued with certain abilities; Facial Alterations (For Feeding), Vampiric Strength, Vampiric Senses, Vampiric Speed & Agility, and Super-durability. A vampire is also Immortal, living forever more, unaging. This of course carries the exception of a vampire's weakness.

A Sire has an innate mental connection with their Childe, and the more powerful the vampire the more potent that mental connection is. Depending on the power level of the vampire, through the mental connection a Sire can communincate telepathically or even enter the dreams of their Childe.

Some Master vampires acquire mental abilities that rival even the most natural of psychics. Most commonly, Master vampires acquire the ability to hypnotize others into a tranquil trance that gives them control over them. This includes turning others into zombie-like slaves. Powerful beings, such as the experienced vampire slayer, however, can prove resilent to a Master vampire's hypnosis.

Vampire Weakness

Holy Water, Crosses, and Churches
Holy Water:
To explain why all vampires, even those who may not have been religious are affected by holy water we're using the theory that ancient priest knew of the Vampire Kind and took procedures to protect mortals from them. We're going to say that these old priests discovered a way to enchant holy water with a special ritual so that it'll burn a vampire, therefore they had a means to identify the vampires among them. It is a ritual, although it may be unknown, that still exists today.

Crosses: Crosses, we're going with the theory that it's not so much the meaning behind the cross that scares Vampires, but the symbol. Our theory will be that ancient Romans (Or whoever started the Crucifixions) knew the undead were frighten by the symbol so used it to keep them from going after those they were torturing, to feed off of.

Churches: Vampires are free to enter Churches, but most avoid them because of the dangers that lay for them inside. Which relates back to the theory that the ancient priests were vampire hunters or at least knew of them. 

Sunlight is deadly to vampires of all kinds. If any are exposed to it for too long they'll spontaneous combust into fire and turn to ash.

Vampires, especially those newly Sired are very much so allergic from this vegetable for some unknown reason. Older vampires will not be bothered by it so much. 

Stakes and Decapitation
These are the method used to kill vampires. A wooden stake directly through the heart will kill a vampire on contact. While most turn straight to dust after being staked, the truly powerful ones will combust in flames before turning into ash. 

Decapitation: The beheading of a vampire will destroy them and cause a vampire to die in the same manner as above.

Vampire Slayers
As long as there have been Vampires in the world, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world, a Chosen one. She alone is born with the strength and skill to hunt vampires and other deadly creatures, find where they gather, and stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers.

Traits of Vampires

Does not need to draw breath
Cold and pale flesh
No heartbeat or pulse
Does not have a reflection
Taste buds are dead

Notable Vampires
Rick Hudson

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